Top 5 B2B Platforms that have the Chinese Audience Captivated

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China presently is a major trading country. As a common practice, even the businesses in china especially retailers consistently seek for a reliable and newly but better-featuring wholesalers, residing in the market. It is seen that due to this influence the Chinese audience has become much captivated with these B2B platforms. Rallying heavily on their services due to their ability to provide quality goods and convenient services. Due to all the hype and increasing influence of B2B platform led my interest to carry out extensive research of this industry and market. It was remarkable to find out how much wholesale websites have the Chinese audience entranced.

It was truly amazing to see how the Chinese Businessmen are satisfied with the deliverance of these reputable websites. There are several websites that Chinese use for bulk purchase but the best 5 B2B platforms that are based on the audience popularity has been listed in this post. In the research and analysis, it was gathered that not only entities rallied on these websites to make purchases but also they were hugely popular amongst individuals as well. These platforms are well aware of their demand which pushes them to continuously operate accordingly to improvise features in a better manner for their customers. Entities with such influence play to their strength to stay competitive in the Chinese market knowing their potential while understanding the economic growth.

Here are the top 5 B2B platforms to buy items in bulk. The list below is ranked according to the popularity found amongst the Chinese audience:

1. eWorldTrade

It is incredible on how far outreached eWorldTrade has spread based on reputation and its widespread growth. eWorldTrade deserves applauses on its accomplishments that it has attained in such a relatively short span. Possessing vast-ranging of operations around the globe and with the highest residing customer base in China. eWorldTrade is a major contributor to the Chinese market when it comes to providing bulk quantities. The Chinese audience is hugely captivated as eWorldTrade presents the lowest wholesale rates in comparison to any other B2B platform while also been known to provide the fastest and most efficient delivery services. Their services have the Chinese customers enticed with their range of goods such as Pharmaceutical, Woodworking, General Industrial, and Chemical. All these reasons are why eWorldTrade is increasing exceptionally well each day and is the highest recommended platform.

Few of their best-sellers are:

a) Lights and Lightning- LED

b) Security & Protection Products- CCTV

c) Beauty and Personal Care Products- Makeup

d) Machinery- Industrial Equipment

e) Home Appliances- Air Conditioners

2. eBay

Even after securing its position in the market eBay surely deserves to be placed in the top ranking. eBay has been able to maintain its spot as one of the prime B2B platforms even after all the rough paths it had to endure along the way. With all the competition in the B2B industry, it is commendable that eBay has maintained its platform by consistently evolving and introducing innovative new market strategies. eBay has a diverse range of products. Most of its Chinese customers are attracted to its generalized items such as clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Whereas recently it is seen that the purchases from eBay in the Chinese market have grown to their extended products which are of various electronic items. Even though eBay has been best recognized for purchases of daily consumed goods. As one of the Chinese leading B2B platforms, eBay has increased its conversion rate with its unique auction style that has become quite popular.

Few of their best-sellers are:

a) Collectables

b) Fashion

c) Sports

d) Accessories

e) Computers

3. Alibaba

Alibaba is a highly popular B2B website. It is one of the best wholesale trading platform found worldwide. For quite a long time Alibaba is reckoned to be as the largest marketplace and with competitors rising intensively quick it has been able to secure its strength in the market to its advantage. Alibaba originated in China and since initiation in 1999 it is operational globally but then too is seen to have the largest number of sales in the Chinese region. Securing customers from nationwide Alibaba has maintained its quality standards locally and internationally. Alibaba has been facilitating numerous industries with their various products. The main reason why it remains as a very popular B2B platform in the Chinese market. Alibaba’s versatility is remarkable and due to it, they were able to attain the highest calculated sales in the year 2019. While even currently hosting approximately over 35 million users.

Few of their best-sellers are:

a) Lights and Lighting

b) Computer Hardware

c) Electronic Cigarettes

d) Home Appliances Parts

e) Kitchen Appliances

4. Amazon

Mostly everyone is familiar with the entity Amazon as it a prominent B2B platform with extensive-ranging products and services. Amazon as a B2B platform is seen to have few variants in its operating and marketing style. Yet due to its major prominence as a B2B platform, it is relatively difficult to distinguish it apart due to its trading features. Amazon much diverse than the other regular online marketplaces and due to its unique structuring, the Chinese audience is seen captivated with its services. Amazon and eBay over the years have been each other’s biggest rivals. Though the only distinguishing feature amongst these two platforms is their selling process. Most Chinese audiences seek the services of Amazon when they aren’t interested in opting for a wholesale bulk or auction facility. The Chinese market is seen making the best use of Amazon to sell used and new items both.

Few of their best-sellers are:

a) Computes

b) Video Games

c) Power Banks- Power Devices

d) Routers

e) Wireless Gadgets

5. China Brands

China Brands is a newly emerging B2B platform in comparison to the others listed above but it is presenting itself as one of the primarily expanding websites in the Chinese market. China Brands is amongst the most popular B2B platforms in the Asian Regions. Presently the Chinese customers are quite intrigued by the services of China Brands as it is new and the ability to provide reasonably priced goods. Their most premiered and attracted feature to the Chinese is China Brands good deals and quality delivery and customer services. Over the past few years, it has been considered as the cheapest Chinese wholesale website. It has a strong market with a wide range of goods for their Chinese customers to opt from.

Few of their best-sellers are:

a) Clothing Accessories

b) Watches

c) Tablet

d) Bags

e) Shoes


Each of the B2B platform listed above is extremely captivating and intriguing to the Chinese audience. Undoubtedly each one of them provides exclusive services. Based on the purchaser’s requirement each of these platforms can be considered to suite the prerequisite. Gathered on the popularity found of these B2B websites in the Chinese market it is safe to state that each of them provides quality goods and exclusive services.



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