Top 10 Video Animation Companies In 2022 For Your Business

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Top 10 Video Animation Companies In 2022 For Your Business

Video animation has been taking a strong role in digital marketing throughout the past few years. But interestingly, video animations were first created in 1908, by a French artist named Émile Cohl. And despite the early invention of animations, they have only recently made their debut in the field of digital marketing. But, now that they are here, it seems they are here to stay. The reason they are becoming cemented in digital marketing is because of their ability to help you clearly and concisely explain the concepts and features behind your products. Not only that, but they seem to be the most cost-effective method of marketing out of the various methods of creating video content.

The reason we are writing this blog today is to tell you a little bit about the multiple ways through which you can ensure that you choose the right video animation company and then we are going to inform you about the 10 Best Video Animators in the Industry today. So let’s get started;

How to choose the right Video Animation Company for You

Choosing the right animation company depends widely on how you set your priorities, but there are a few key points that almost everyone must look out for and those are:

· Quality

· Price

· Client Reviews

· Communication

To explain further, making the right choice depends on the above-mentioned factors. This is because your target audience, be it investors or customers, will judge your animations and have a bias towards the quality of the animation no matter how valid or invalid your content is. And of course, making sure that any marketing technique costs the least possible amount is the job of any sensible entrepreneur. And to judge the quality of the company as well as their work ethic, you have to be able to constantly communicate with the animators or project managers. And the best time to learn about these qualities isn’t after you assign the work to a particular company, but right before. To accomplish that goal, reading the reviews of a company’s past clients is imperative so that you can know what people like you thought about their work in the past.

Top 10 Animation Companies

1. Animation Iconix

Animation Iconix

Also recognized as one of the leading service providers in the digital marketing and video animation industry, Animation Iconix is a company that has established a reputation for being the one that frequently requests client feedback and prioritizes clients based on how long they have been working with them. Their approach to creating long-standing relationships with potential business partners is perhaps their second-best quality. Their best quality is their ability to create simple and elegant animations for various purposes with impeccable execution.

2. Animation Cruise

Animation Cruise

Animation Cruise is another key player in the digital marketing space, and they offer a range of different animations including typography, whiteboard, and explainer animations. Although they might not have as much involvement in the animation industry, they also provide some other options including website design, branding, & logo design. Their client reviews are currently stellar and seem to give the impression that they deliver on their word when they take on a project. Although, their pricing might be enough to turn away a few potential buyers if their market capitalization isn’t big enough.

3. Website Iconix

Website Iconix

Website Iconix is a name synonymous with customer satisfaction. Their animation team dedicates themselves to the principle of being available to large businesses, and startups alike. Their services range from 2D & 3D Animation to creating Scripts and Voice Overs. Not only that, they provide the best and most affordable prices out of all their competitors.

4. Animation Barrel

Animation Barrel

Primarily known for their work on several explainer videos for entrepreneurs and companies around the world, Animation Barrel creates animated content using motion graphics, 2D animations, Typography, and Whiteboard animations. Regardless of what you require, Animation Barrel will very likely have something to help you create a good animation that isn’t too expensive. By reading their client reviews you can find that most of them are satisfied with the work and have chosen to maintain their partnerships with Animation Barrel.

5. Website Turbix

Website Turbix

Website Turbix is one of the most in-demand experts when it comes to video animation. Anything from 2D, 3D, Logo, Whiteboard animation, and Motion Graphic Animations is available on their website and can be judged based on their extensive portfolio. Aside from providing almost every kind of animation known to man, they are relatively affordable as well.

6. Digital Iconix

Digital Iconix

Digital Iconix provides clients with almost the same services as the above-mentioned companies, with a few bonuses that can be revealed by visiting their website. Of course, you would have the ability to get in touch with them at whatever time suits you, rather than the other way around. Furthermore, their price points may be a bit expensive but have been seen as worth the price by their previous clients.

7. Logo Vibrant Australia

Logo Vibrant Australia

Logo Vibrant Australia is possibly the best Digital Marketing Company found in Australia. With services ranging from web & app design to logo design, to video animations, they do it all. And yet their clients never seem to be on the receiving end of a mistake. One can only guess the amount of expertise and coordination it takes for all the teams to work together in such harmony, but one thing is for sure. Going to this company for your video animation needs could be the best choice for any entrepreneur.

8. Switch Video

Switch Video

Switch Video is currently only growing in size and hasn’t been around for more than a few years. And yet, their client list exceeds the amount of 500. They claim that there isn’t anyone who can do Explainer Videos and Live Action Videos better than they can. And they just might be right.

9. Nerdo


Filled to the brim with creative and experienced professionals, Nerdo is an Italian Animation Company that provides the utmost quality of work in their services which range from 2D Animations to VFX & Motion Graphics and everything in between. Their content creators manage to not only make the content relevant and informative but highly entertaining as well.

10. Thinkmojo


Thinkmojo is a video animation company situated in the United States. In addition to animations, Thinkmojo also creates marketing videos for businesses, and their animated videos can be just as good as their marketing videos. Professional animators at Thinkmojo can turn your ideas into animations. They claim to have received accolades for their initiatives.



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