Advantages Of Using Animation Apps In A Business Video

Nathan Enoch Burridge
5 min readJun 3, 2022


With the growth of animation apps taking on potential heights each time with newer and newer advancements, they provide better strength to any business’s online visibility. The frequency of the market and industry has a continuous rise. You’ll find numerous animation apps that businesses influence to use in their marketing strategy.

As an enjoyment feature that both could indulge in, even though these apps aren’t just a medium of entertainment they are also used by marketing professionals to create animation content adding up as an advantage for the marketing purpose of a business. Creating a mobile app regardless of its segment is not as affordable as considered. It is important to take advantage of the apps that can assist your business aims such as Animation Apps for effective market exposure.

With the introduction of these numerous apps, it has become really easy to create custom animated videos that can be used according to the business’s preference. The impact of animation in today’s time is highly imploring as animation is being infused virtually in technically every capacity. With the influence of animation, everything can be pushed a step further and can be taken much ahead of staying limited to your imagination.

I have composed this post after taking up extensive research in the industry of animation app since they complement businesses in excelling extremely well. Specifically I have listed some of the most frequently used animations apps that are highly popular currently amongst businesses. I have specifically highlighted the features of the animation apps because of the major attraction they bring out to the businesses overall presence.

According to the present market trends these apps are the most commonly used by businesses to attain that cutting edge in their marketing tactic:

Animation Creator HD Free

Animation Creator HD free is an amazing app that certainly plays out to its best in allowing you to best showcase your animation skills. It is considered as the most user-friendly animation creating app in the present time. It has few of the most remarkable and simple but powerful drawing tools. Animation Creator HD app is organized to give out the most convenient experience for the animator so that they can compose a video animation easily. Animation Creator HD has some of the advanced newly featured adaptations to it. Such as an advanced brush, import of video from the camera and few others.

Animation Studio by Sean Brakefield

Animation Studio is a well-versed program that is accessible on all Android devices. It is capable of making some of the most impressive animations via this app. Animation Studio can export animation in MP4, AVI, Window Media Player, and even in a Flash format. It has an astounding collaboration of eight real instruments to it out of which the primary features of them are scrollbar and band scrolling. It has an innovative but neat capability to cut unwanted frames from your animation videos.

LookSee Animator

LookSee Animator has new collisions that would marvelously impact greatly in the production of the animation. The app can best present time-lapse and slow-motion animation techs that give an added benefit to transform your camera into outstanding animated videos. As the app provides the camera with direct and indirect controls. The camera further can configure the camera to remotely set a timer or even a button to click the animation instantly.

StickDraw- Animation Maker

StickDraw Animation Maker is a key complementary animation app for beginners as it allows the animator to draw the animation via the use of a pad. Even though presently this application can be practiced on a more advanced app. StickDraw has some of the simplest app functions to animate that the animator is a professional or someone who just has a love for animation can also easily indulge in it. The StickDraw app will add up to the overall experience to create fun animated videos.

StopMotion Recorder

StopMotion Recorder in a preview is perceived as a comparatively simpler interface than the other animation apps. It is considered as one of the oldest techniques used to create animations. It was previously used for cinematic productions. Due to which it is yet a very popular animation app. With the help of this app making a movie is required to be quite a restraint. The StopMotion Recorder app is found with numerous options to choose from. It also has various ways to save and likewise as a reference to the form be presented to the audience accordingly.


Animation app have the most astounding compliments to the business’s video content. They have come to be of better aid for professionals to create a better business presence online. There are a huge number of apps available in the market for businesses as animation is found as the most intriguing manner to compose an animation video. By animation businesses benefit hugely as they are able to gain a higher conversion rate which helps to obtain better sales/ leads for a business. It is fascinating to see how revolutionary the animation industry has grown while collaborating with the business world. This adaption has made producing video animations and business marketing extremely easy.



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